TenchisTV is an application that was developed for our subscribers on Android.
In TenchisTV most of the content is in HD/HQ quality

Welcome to TenchisTV

Tons of streaming content directly to your HD Television and Cell Phone

Live Sports

We have a live sports section “HD 720p” quality updated daily according of major sporting events schedule including: Soccer, La Liga, Premier League, Italy, Mexico, Champions League, Copa del Rey. If you’re a Real Madrid or Barcelona fan be sure that from this application you will enjoy all their matches in all the competitions.

Movie VOD

You will find a wide range of films in English (most of them subtitled in Spanish). Also a separate catalog of movies in Spanish languaje(for Spanish Speaking users). Organized by Category(Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Horror, Family, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Crime, etc) be sure that you will find a movie to watch any time.

Home Workout Videos

We have some complementary sections to form a complete application where you can find workout and dancing videos to keep you fit and healthy. If you speak Spanish and would like to learn another languaje such English we also a section with a full course for adults and for kids so you can start the adventure of learning English.

Live TV Channels

We have a wide variety of TV channels and programming. The TV channels are NOT broadcasted by us so you could see changes at anytime, one day you could see a number of new channels and the following day some may not be there in the list, but if you are from El Salvador or Honduras you will find 100% of the channels that exist today.

TV Series

Do you have spare time and you have watched all the movies in our catalog? We have hundreds of TV shows & Series that most of the time are updated daily with new episodes added right after aired on TV. Catch up your favorite drama or comedy or any category tv show with the thousands and thousands of episodes from the tv show list.

Sports On-Demand

Did you miss a live sports event or your favorite team game because you were ourdoor or at work? don’t worry you can watch it later at anytime, Barcelona, Real Madrid games, Wrestling, boxing, MMA, TNA, etc. Right after the live event is over it will be available on-demand for you this way you can follow your team in any competition.

How to install app

Please install as below.

  • Enter your browser.

  • Enter this address for android box: www.tenchistv.com/tenchistv.apk

  • Install the app, you may need to go to the download section, find the app and install it.

  • Be sure to provide all the permissions to the app.

  • Enter your email and password inside the tenchisTV app.

Ready to try ?

To get a subscription contact us and we will send you the subscription link. Is only $12.99 per month and it can be canceled anytime “No Commitments”

After you have completed the sign up process we will proceed to activate the credentials you have chosen during the sign up process. To log in to the app you only need to enter your credentials (Email/Password).

Questions? We’re ready to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to answer all your questions.



Internet Connection Speed

We recommend a minimum of 10mbps internet connection speed to stream in real time the VOD content, movies and TVShows episodes. To watch the HD streams under Live Sports section we suggest at least 6mbps connection speed. If your android device has a Ethernet port you may consider to connect your android device directly to the router this will help to improve the reception.



The application is compatible with any android device model: Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, Fire TV, MI Box. and any android version. If you want the best experience possible we recommend connected via Ethernet to your router and HDMI cable to your HDTV.


Never Share Your Credentials

Sharing your account is not allowed in our system, if you have 2 android devices in the same household sharing the same internet connection you may use both android device devices under the same account as maximum (you will need a faster internet connection speed). If our system detects that your credentials are being used from 2 different android devices at the same time, your account on a third device will not work. you will need to log out to be able to use the account on other device.

Pricing Table

1 Month


Monthly Subscription

3 Months


Every 3 Months

6 Months


Every 6 Months

1 Year


1 Year (One Time Only)

What's say our Clients

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Buenísima la App!!! Muchas gracias!!!


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Thanks again. i'm signing off to head to the living room to fuck around with my new Tenchis on Android ;D


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I never had a android box before, got one to watch Tenchis TV. Love it!


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Hey guys, LOVING the android app. The movies and TV shows are replacing my cable. Thanks!!


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Love the experience!


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Thank you for the good job now with ANDROID APP its amazing much better than online.


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So far i am happy with ANDROID APP i don't have any other channels except Tenchis TV


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Please contact us : tenchistv@gmail.com